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Come learn with us!

Have you been thinking about a career in Massage Therapy? 

We offer a comprehensive hybrid program that allows you flexibility as you pursue your new career as a licensed massage therapist. Both Western and Eastern modalities are explored as part of our all inclusive, integrative program.


Flexible  schedules are available, and classes are starting soon!

Don't put your career goals on hold any longer. Take control of your future. A new adventure awaits!

What do I learn?

What's Next?

Let's go through the steps to get your career started! 


Fill out our application and send it in with your $50 application fee. This fee is non-refundable and does go toward your tuition if selected. 


We are happy to have affordable ways to get you the education you've dreamed of! 

Studio Pro has a few ways to get you the education you crave! Take a look below to see what option might fit you best! 

Our Full Tuition which includes everything you'll need, including payment for your MBLEX exam and study materials, along with your kit, supplies and more is $8,000.

Struggling to come up with  $8,000, but just know this is the right field for you? We have options (see below)! We also have tuition assistance available and opportunities for scholarships!

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